Costa Rica

The "rich coast" of Central America (as Costa Rica is translated) is not only one of the safest travel destinations Latin America, Costa Rica also offers distinctive and diverse travel experiences in a relatively small area.

Costa Rica is therefore certainly among the top 10 travel countries of this decade. The relatively small country is one of the most advanced countries in Central America and known for its commitment to environmental protection. This of course has an impact on tourism, which is very often characterised by environmental awareness and ecology. Costa Rica has been ruled democratically since the 50s, has no arms of its own, operates a stable education and health programme and has set itself the goal of meeting 100% of the country's energy needs from renewable to generate energy. All this makes Costa Rica popular with tourists from home and abroad.

The country offers tourists an unbelievable number and variety of activities. From the Caribbean with the Atlantic over the higher situated central valley with its coffee plantations, primeval and cloud forests up to the Pacific Ocean can within a few days you can travel to the most diverse climatic zones and regions. This makes Costa Rica a main destination for round trips, among other things.

The biodiversity in the 26 national parks is unique. One of the most famous national parks is the Parque Nactional Cahuita where the apartments of the Caribbean Secret are located. In the proximity is the, also still in in the Caribbean located, Tortuguero National Park in which turtles, caimans and with a little luck also the rare jaguar can be observed.

Besides the diverse fauna, Costa Rica attracts with spectacular nature and an impressive flora. Lonely and lively beaches at the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean offer relaxation and recreation as well as entertainment. In the highlands and the central valley original rainforests, waterfalls and fantastic volcanoes are the destination of many tourists. Here you can walk over suspension bridges through the jungle and observe the unique plants and birds. Maybe you will get to see the Quetzal, the bird of the gods of Latin America, in the Monteverde cloud forest.
Costa Rica also has many inactive and active volcanoes that are worth a visit. Known volcanoes are the Volcano Poás, the Arenal, the Irazú or the Turrialba. In combination with a visit to one of the surrounding national parks is definitely worth the journey. On some days the views are fantastic.

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